How to engage Industry for Impactful Research?

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How to engage Industry for Impactful Research?

Industry engagement is time-consuming, not easy and can take away from your research plans. But looks can be deceiving. Professor Neale O'Connor, Professor of Accounting and Head of Accounting Department at Monash University, Malaysia is going to show you how to get started from zero knowledge.

  1. What is industry looking for?
    • on the surface
    • digging deeper
  2. Examples of on the surface type research.
    • Interviews for Infographics - China Supplier 1000 | IOT Startup Challenges
    • Library research for Infographics - MNC Factory Moves
    • Interviews for reports - e.g., KPMG report
    • Doctoral thesis type example - IMM (2018)
  3. Examples of digging deeper type of research.
    • Working with archival data - Incentives data | PMS data | Complaints data | Audit data
    • Doctoral thesis type example - Abacus (2015)
  4. Challenges of working with industry data.
  5. Basic steps to getting started.


Neale O'Connor, PhD

Dr Neale G. O'Connor FCPA

Dr Neale O'Connor is Professor of Accounting and Head of Accounting Dept at Monash University, Malaysia.

Neale has spent 20 years in Hong Kong where he researched the modernization processes of Chinese firms, examining issues such as performance measurement, order qualification, and trust. His 'China 1000' project is the largest ever survey of operational risk issues for foreign buyers and Chinese suppliers.

He has undertaken numerous factory quality audits for multinational clients and has video documented and advised on operational and marketing improvements for over 40 supplier factories. Neale has published two books: The China Casebook on Operational Risk and Management Control of Multinational Enterprises in China.

Neale has written 15 corporate business cases for several large multinational companies including HTC, PQI, Philips, Delphi, and Alpharma. His cases are used extensively in over 40 University courses around the world.

He is founder and editor of Tech Asia Youtube Channel with over 20000 subscribers

His publications have appeared in several international journals: Accounting, Organizations and Society, Accounting Horizons, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Abacus, Journal of International Accounting Research, Australian Accounting Review, Asian Pacific Journal of Management and Journal of Applied Management Studies. Neale currently serves on the editorial boards of Behavioral Research in Accounting, Management Accounting Research, Abacus and Advances in Management Accounting.

More details can be found at Neale's webpage


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