Jockey Club Capacity Building & Innovation Project for NGOs

NGOs are widely recognized as key players in providing social services to the community. They are expected to be an effective, efficient and accountable organization, as such, good governance is needed to ensure the effectiveness, credibility and viability of the organization. In order to meet the expectation of stakeholders, strategic innovation for success, financial responsibilities, staff leadership, relationship with its stakeholders, ethics and governance, performance measurement and, ultimately, sustainability are all key issues facing NGOs today.

This project, funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trust, is designed to support NGOs to develop themselves to an effective and well-managed organization that make best use of their human and financial resources to maintain business sustainability. With great focus of delivering successful strategies, innovation tools as well as specific skills and tactics necessary to build the capacity of NGOs. The project aims at empowering NGOs to better perform internally and towards the community they serve. It aims to provide training to the executives of NGOs in Hong Kong and organize seminars for them to keep abreast of the latest development of service excellence and innovation, and provide opportunities to connect with each other to nurture collaboration and exchange of ideas and best management practices.

NGOs in Hong Kong are welcome to join the project. We shall pay a visit to the selected participating organizations and conduct training needs analysis to determine the scope and topics of seminars and training workshops. The schedule of all these seminars and training workshops will be sent to the NGOs in advance for them to nominate their staff to attend. It is totally free of charge.

NGOs are also welcome to contact us for any specific training they need, we shall consolidate these training needs from different NGOs to design common topics to meet their training needs.

Phase two of the project starts in April 2024 and will last for three years. Join us now to let us hear your voice.