Credit Accumulation Scheme

Credit Accumulation Scheme for Advanced Diploma in Professional Development

Introduction 簡介

Facing the rapid economic changes in Hong Kong, individual continuing education can best meet the needs of social development. Over the years, the Hong Kong Management Association has provided various courses for executives in every management field. In order to encourage continuing education, the Association now introduces a Credit Accumulation Scheme for participants to raise their qualification through credit accumulation.


Participants who have accumulated 90 Certificate Course hours are eligible to apply for the Advanced Diploma in Professional Development. This Diploma is designed for Certificate Courses graduates, which offers them a chance to raise their academic qualification.


The following Certificate Courses are included in the Credit Accumulation Scheme:


Application and Enquiries 申請及查詢

Eligible graduates are required to complete the application form and return it to us. The application fee is HK$500.


For enquiries, please call 2774-8500 (Customer Service Department) during office hours or visit our website:

如有任何查詢,請於辦公時間致電2774-8500 (客戶服務部)或瀏覽本會網頁

Application Form 申請表