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ISO 20700 Training

ISO 20700 Training for Consultancy & Service Providers

Enhance Service Quality & Build Trust with Clients

(IMCHK accredited training programme. Participants can earn 7 CPD units for their continued membership enrolment with IMCHK)

From the point of view of a company, you want to hire consultants or service providers to work on a problem to deliver a solution within a time period and within stated resources.

From the point of view of consultants or service providers, you would like to let your client know what you could deliver to meet the client requirements and expectation.

Application & Brochure

Commencement Date:

12 September 2020 (Sat)

Application Deadline:

1 September 2020 (Tue)


ISO 20700 is doing exactly the above. The ISO 20700:2017 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services was developed by CMC-Global (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, ICMCI) with International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It aims to improve the transparency and understanding of consultancy assignments between service providers of management consultancy and their clients.

The 1 day training on the ISO 20700 Training for Consultancy Services is jointly organized by The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) and The Institute of Management Consultants Hong Kong (IMCHK). IMCHK is the professional chapter and qualifying body for management consultants in Hong Kong and Macau.


In order to provide practical and hands on support for management consultants in demonstrating their work according to the ISO 20700, CMC-Global has developed a self-declaration checklist to the ISO 20700 Guidelines for management consultancy services. This list, as well as the extent and the content of the list, are agreed individually by client and provider for project and service delivery.

CMC-Global makes this list available in a “Train the Trainer” training provided to all its Member Institutes to accredit them to provide the training to all Management Consultants (MCs) and Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) of IMCs, with a certificate issued by the IMCs and ICMCI.



You will receive a certificate issued by IMCs and ICMCI, which enables you to be able to work with service providers according to the requirements set by ISO 20700.


Those who are aspiring to become a consultant, consultants themselves, service providers or involved in working with consultants would find the talk useful.


Workshop, Case Study and Practices

  • Introduction to Self-Declaration Checklist
  • Application of the Self-Declaration Check List
  • Practices in Contracting
  • Practices in Execution
  • Practices in Closure
  • Practices in Policies

HK$3,500 (inclusive of the Certification fees)

Participants who have attended our talk on the “ISO 20700 – A Standard for Outstanding Practices” (GSOP) in the past can attach the original official receipt of the talk to enjoy the same dollar amount discount for the 1-day training. One receipt for one training participant.


An IMCHK Authorized Trainer (ICMCI Certified ISO 20700 Trainer)


Cantonese (Complemented with English materials)


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