Hong Kong Management Game

Hong Kong Management Game

About the Game

The Hong Kong Management Game challenges teams of business executives to outwit each other in the making of management decisions. Each team faces the same real-to-life business situations, having to decide how best to increase their market share and profits. The essence of the Game is the ability to make sound business decisions consistently, in the fields of finance, production, investment and marketing even at a time of crisis. Moreover, these decisions need to be welded into a strategy if a winning combination is to be achieved.

This realistic simulation of business is not just a game, but has serious training objectives. Over the years, the competition has developed into one of the most sophisticated and challenging computer simulated management training exercises available – one which develops and tests the teams in an exciting competitive atmosphere. The Game has been significantly updated recently. Participants will be able to use a tailor-made computer program to try out different scenarios and record their decisions.

Application & Files

Date for Briefing:

Friday, 8 May 2020

Date for Final:

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Deadline for Free Trial:

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Deadline for Official Round:

Tuesday, 2 June 2020


Benefits to Participants

The Hong Kong Management Game has proved to be an exciting and efficient tool in management training. Every year, more than 60 companies and organizations select the Game to supplement their classroom training for their executives. Benefits of the Game include:

  • It simulates the real world. Managers can relate to the issues raised during the Game without fear of failure.
  • It reveals how all the constituent parts of a company need to act in unison if the optimum results are to be achieved. It enables Managers to see the big picture.
  • It stresses the value of teamwork, and how to encourage the exchange of ideas and experience between members.
  • If resources are to be used most efficiently, teams need to form strategic plans, not take isolated decisions. This involves the ability to foresee the consequences of intended decisions.

What Past Participants Say

“Just try [the Trial Round] and you will love the Game. The Game contains a lot of documents. You should know the different methods to analyse the hundreds of numbers and to find out and solve the problems of the company. The process is really exciting and you will have a lot of satisfaction. Moreover, the Game is a tool simulating the real world. There is no absolute answer to a question and you should not only focus on your company, but also you should guess what your opponents will do because the actions of the different players will affect the other teams. This is fantastic!”

Mr Eric Chan, Team Leader
KTMC Boys, 2011 Hong Kong Management
Game Champion

“It is a holistic management training tool in which participants can learn about various ways to handle different situations. The game mirrors the real market environment.”

Mr Dickson Lee, Team Leader
Wharf T&T, 2013 Hong Kong Management
Game Champion

Game Rules

  1. Each team consists of four members.
  2. A team can be formed by executive personnel drawn from a real company or by individuals getting together and giving themselves a fictitious company name.
  3. No individual participant may be a member of more than one team.
  4. The decision of the Game Administrator is final in all matters relating to the competition, including acceptance of entries.
  5. Each team is required to observe strictly the time schedule. If, for any reason, decisions are not received from a competing team on time, standard decisions as described in the Participants’ Manual will be entered on behalf of the team. If this happens more than once in any one round, the team concerned will be eliminated from the competition without refund of any part of the registration fee.
  6. In registering for the Game, each team leader understands and undertakes that in the event of his/her team becoming the Hong Kong Champion, the team will represent Hong Kong to play in the Asian Management Game.
  7. In line with the rules of similar competitions in other countries, to maintain a level playing field for all and to avoid unhealthy domination by well-experienced teams against newcomers, it has been decided that no identical teams should win a prize in the Hong Kong Management Game two times in a row.





For Registration

Ms Mei Tang
Tel: 2774 8553

For Game Information

Ms Winnie Co
Tel: 2774 8594