Message from the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director

Ms Titania Woo
Executive Director of
the Hong Kong Management Association

Welcome to The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) – your gateway to management training and education opportunities and information on the latest management trends and development.

Established in 1960, the Association is a professional organization which has effectively served the management education and training needs of the business community in Hong Kong and the Region for over six decades. With around 13,000 members including individuals and organizations, the HKMA organizes over 2,000 training and education programmes covering a wide range of management disciplines for more than 50,000 executives every year.

With a view to making significant contribution to the human capital growth of Hong Kong and its nearby Region, and living up to the mission and vision of HKMA, we are pleased to have brought in programmes from world-class, top-tier, renowned business schools and we look forward to introducing more reputable partners and cutting edge programmes in the near future.

The Association also organizes on an annual basis eight prestigious business awards, which each of them being held in the highest regards in their respective professional fields. These awards provide excellent platforms for members of our community to exchange valuable experience and learn from each other, as well as for the wider business community to benchmark their best-in-class practices in different management areas.

We live in a dynamic world where uncertainties and disruptions are always around the corner. As a regional economic growth engine with international influence, it is particularly essential for executives and managers in Hong Kong to continually update their knowledge, advance their skillsets and develop their professional network in order to stay competitive. The HKMA has, in such regards nurtured, inspired and empowered generations after generations of aspiring individuals who went on to become distinguished leaders who drive the development of Hong Kong and the Region, and we will continue to drive management excellence for the many years to come.

Titania Woo,
Executive Director