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"Business with Purpose" - 15 Business Leaders Sign Pledge in Action to Integrate Purpose into Core Business Strategies

As the first initiative of the Impact Partnership between The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) and Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) to promote “Business with Purpose”, 15 CEOs and business leaders signed a pledge to commit to furthering purpose in action, in the hopes of inspiring others to follow suit.

Riding on the global movement made well-known by the Business Roundtable statement in 2019, the “Business with Purpose” pledge aspires to pioneer a local action-based partnership platform that blends business and societal goals towards a better collective future. The HKMA and SVhk’s commitment to incubate the platform was reinforced by findings from our inaugural “Business with Purpose” survey launched in March 2021, where over 150 business leaders were engaged and 84% of whom expressed interest in developing their organizations as a purpose-driven business. The survey also shed light on a strong demand within our business community for brainstorming and learning opportunities to overcome perceived challenges to living out purpose in business in Hong Kong. The survey will be conducted on a yearly basis so as to track and trace the development of “Business with Purpose” in Hong Kong.

The HKMA and SVhk are honoured to be joined by 15 pioneering companies in our pledge, including ABC Pathways Group, Bupa (Asia) Limited, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Green Monday Group, HKBN Group, Hung Fook Tong Holdings Limited, INNOTIER, KPMG, LH GROUP, McDonald’s Hong Kong, Sino Group, Sunshine Laundry Group, Swire Properties Limited, TAL Apparel Limited, and Yip’s Chemical Holdings Limited. Together, these businesses declare their commitment to recognize and embed P.U.R.P.O.S.E into their core business strategies, with each of the seven letters representing:

  • Purpose in action: prioritize purpose in business strategy through an action-based approach;
  • Universal employee development: foster a culture of inclusion, wellbeing, innovation and co-creation in the workplace;
  • Responsible investing: support ESG-aligned investments, and community ventures for collective impact;
  • Planet-friendly practices: develop eco-friendly workplace and infrastructures, as well as solutions to combat climate change;
  • Operational impact & accountability: reinforce corporate governance, supported by impact evaluations and a shared value approach;
  • Supply chain sustainability: build collective actions and partners, with the view to adopt an integrated lifecycle model; and
  • Ethical consumption: facilitate a conscious consumption movement, and promote sustainable living for the next generation

Mr Helmuth Hennig, Chairman of the HKMA, said: “The era ahead of us will no longer be about choosing between purpose and profit. Instead, in order to be profitable, one must first go purposeful.”

Mr Francis Ngai, Founder and CEO of SVhk, added that “Purpose is the new Profit – it would be the ultimate reason why consumers love your brand, suppliers choose to work with you; why employees feel motivated to go the extra mile, and investors eager to support you instead of someone else with the same good prospect.”

The “Business with Purpose” pledge marked the start of a collective purpose journey for all participating organizations and the wider business community. Following the Pledge Signing ceremony, three sharing sessions were co-hosted by HKMA and SVhk as a unique forum for executives from each founding signatory company to share their perspectives on purpose from the lens of ESG, sustainable living, and people empowerment. A series of follow-on “Business with Purpose” initiatives were also announced by HKMA and SVhk in line with the platform’s “4As” approach, including a series of sustainability and ESG-related training and monthly curated seminar series on purpose business under the Academy pillar, incorporation of “Business with Purpose” to the judging criterion of HKMA’s business awards and turning the Hong Kong Sustainability Award into an annual award under the Award pillar, one-on-one social innovation lab impact consultation sessions under the Advisory pillar, and the expansion of the “Business with Purpose” network to all interested parties as part of the Advocacy pillar. All business and social leaders were also encouraged to stay tuned to new developments under three key themes including Youth, ESG, and Inclusive Employment, and support actions curated by the platform’s extended network to co-elevate the purpose movement to greater heights in the months to come.

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About Social Ventures Hong Kong
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Jointly issued by The Hong Kong Management Association and Social Ventures Hong Kong on Monday, 26 April 2021.

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