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HKMA Held the First Metaverse Event in AltspaceVR Proudly Supported by MetaPlayers and AltspaceVR

May 13, 2022

With the generous support by AltspaceVR and MetaPlayers, the Academy of Innovation and Management of The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) has proudly organized its first Metaverse event, namely, HKMA x AltspaceVR x MetaPlayers: Metaverse in Metaverse, on Friday, 13 May 2022.

Special Thanks to MetaPlayers and AltspaceVR

At this exclusive event, Dr Y K Pang, Chairman of HKMA welcomed 20 esteemed guests in the AltspaceVR and expressed heartfelt appreciation to Microsoft Hong Kong for providing HKMA members and guests with an immersive experience through its Metaverse platform, AltspaceVR. Special gratitude was also extended to MetaPlayers, which has generously presented the Altspace Room as a gift to HKMA for organizing different Metaverse events and activities.

Before the event, a ‘Train-the-Trainer’ session was organized by MetaPlayers to equip the event and marketing team of the Association who then helped the esteemed guests to:

  • install AltspaceVR with Microsoft accounts
  • create their avatars; and
  • control the movement of the avatars in the Metaverse

Academy for Innovation and Management, AIM

The HKMA’s Academy for Retail Innovation and Management (ARIM) was established in 2018 with the aim to promote innovation in the retail sector and to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and professional development of the industry as well as to nurture human capital in the retail sector in Hong Kong and the Mainland through education and training.

“In view of the importance of innovation to organizations’ sustained growth and increasing demand for innovative talents, the Academy for Retail Innovation and Management will be renamed as Academy for Innovation and Management, AIM in short,” announced by Mr Kent Wong, Chairman, Advisory Board, the Academy of Innovation and Management, HKMA. “We are very glad to organize this first-ever Metaverse seminar as an iconic event of the AIM.”

During the event, Dr Michael So, Co-founder of MetaPlayers delivered a thought-provoking presentation on “Introduction to the Multiverse of Madness” and had a fruitful discussion with the esteemed guests.

Led by MetaPlayers team, the guests then enjoyed organized activities such as throwing darts and singing karaoke in the Altspace Room.

Recap the event at HKMA WeChannel

The event was recorded and posted onto the HKMA WeChannel, which provides HKMA members with a free platform collecting over 60 great presentations delivered by business leaders at different occasions organized by the HKMA like morning seminars, luncheon / evening / dinner talks, annual conference, and so on.

To recap the Metaverse in Metaverse event, please visit:

About MetaPlayers

Metaplayers is a music content creator and organiser that links the metaverse and the real world. Founded in November 2021, the company provides services in three main areas: MetaArtists, metaverse content and metaverse events.

MetaPlayers aims to nurture traditional artists and bring them into the metaverse, giving them a new realm of possibilities to develop and perform as MetaArtists. As for metaverse content, the company focuses on developing immersive and participative metaverse experiences that engage the five senses. All produced content gives opportunities for audiences to move around different spaces, interacting with other users and creating their own experience.

MetaPlayers ensures all events are interdimensional – in the metaverse and in real life. The company utilises a multitude of metaverses and hosts immersive participative events at the platforms. At the same time, the company supports viewers to join in with traditional means, catering for the mainstream market as well as more metaverse-savvy audiences.

Issued by The Hong Kong Management Association on Friday, 13 May 2022.

Event Details
Ms Sunnie Ma
Membership and Event Consultant, HKMA
Dr Carbo Pan
General Secretary of the Academy for Innovation and Management
Press Enquiries
Ms Renee Cheng
Membership and Event Manager, HKMA