RTTP Courses

RTTP Courses

三維電腦動畫設計及虛擬現實 / 擴增實境應用專業文憑
Professional Diploma in 3D Computer Animation Design & Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) Application

  • 學習3D動畫前期至後期製作
  • 選用3D 軟件Autodesk Maya 和 Adobe After Effects
  • 教授把電腦動畫的技術應用於虛擬現實(VR)境界及擴增實境(AR)範疇
  • 特別提供30小時(分10堂)免費額外專業輔導作支援

Date: 4 Nov 2022

Executive Certificate in Big Data & Data Analytics

  • Introduction to Big Data & Data Analytics
  • Application of Big Data and Data Analytics in Business
  • Big Data as Digital Asset
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and AI

Date: 14 Nov 2022

Professional Certificate Course on Business Analytics

  • Tools for Business Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Business Analytics in Action
  • Analytics Processes in Diagnostic and Predictive Analytics
  • Diagnostic and Predictive Analytics Essentials

Date: To be announced

Professional Certificate Course on Human Resource Analytics

  • HR Talent Analytics
  • HR Data Visualization
  • HR Analytics Skills
  • Reporting and Decision Making from HR Analytics Projects

Date: 14 Oct 2022