Professional Diploma in Counseling Special Needs in the Workplace

Professional Diploma in Counseling Special Needs in the Workplace



The Professional Diploma in Counseling Special Needs in the Workplace is designed to provide a unique learning experience to students. The course is to help students become talent scouts who strive for individual excellence, regardless of special needs, and help tap the talents in contributing to enterprises and community as a whole. Through understanding of staff with special needs, students are equipped with skills and knowledge in creating an enabling inclusive environment to unleash the potentials of the whole work force with positive group dynamics to its fullest in both business and industrial settings.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the types of special needs
  • Study the counselling theories and skills to staff who has special needs
  • Study the approach to assist the staff who has special needs to develop the potential in the workplace

Who Should Attend

  • Executive who needs to manage the staff who has special needs
  • People interested in studying counselling and special education
  • Social workers
  • Parents

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Language Medium

The programme will be delivered in Cantonese, and the course materials will be in English.

Satisfactory Completion of a Module

A minimum of 70% attendance is required for satisfactory completion of a module. Students must obtain at least 50% of the assessment result in each module.


A student who has satisfied all the requirements and completing all three modules will be awarded the Executive Diploma in Counselling Special Needs in the Workplace.


Curriculum is designed with 3 modules as follows:

Module 1: Understanding Special Needs(3 Sessions)
Uniqueness of staff with special needs will be identified. Students will be able to recognize the special
needs of individuals and get them connected so as to formulate a plan for enhancing the contribution and
effectiveness of the work force. The following areas of Special Needs and reasons for hiring them will be

  • Autism (ASD),
  • Attention Defi cit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),
  • Visual Impairment,
  • Hearing Impairment,
  • Intellectual Disability,
  • Speech and Language Impairment,
  • Physical Disability,
  • Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)

Module 2: Counseling Theories and Skills(7 Sessions)
This course provides students with the foundation knowledge of organizational psychology, counseling
theories and approaches, how counseling skills applied in the workplace to enhance the personal and
organizational well-being. Students will familiarize themselves with common issues related to staff with
special needs, such as communication, adaptability, suitability, inclusiveness and etc. Topics include:

  • Basic organizational psychology
  • Overview of counseling
  • Counseling theories & approaches
  • Counseling skills and ethics
  • Self-wellness before helping others

Module 3: Enabling Workplace with Special Needs Inclusion(5 Sessions)
Various aspects in both software and hardware, for enabling environment for Special Needs will be studied
with focuses on:

  • Group dynamics
  • Assisting staff with special needs (ASD, ADHD / SpLD, emotional instability)
  • Counseling co-workers
  • Helping staff with family members of special needs

In order to deepen the learning, participants are asked to hand in an assignment crossing over 3 modules on workplace management. Frequent self-reflection is stressed to ensure internalization of the knowledge and skills learnt during the course. In addition, students are expected to participate actively in class exercises for skill polishing.

of those with special needs to the maximum. By creating an enabling working environment, it makes everyone valuable and contributive, disregarding special needs.



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Non-member: HK$9,900
Group Discount: HK$300 each
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