Executive Diploma in Project Management

Executive Diploma in Project Management


Project management nowadays is regarded as a very high priority as all companies or organizations, whether small or large, are at one time or another involved in implementing new undertakings, innovations and changes. These projects may be very diverse in nature and types, as such sophisticated tools, management techniques and problemsolving approaches have emerged to be more rewarding than others in bringing projects to a successful end. As traditional management practice cannot provide effective and efficient results while running projects in today’s turbulent and fast changing environment, Project Stakeholders have to find new tools, methodologies and strategies in running the project successfully.

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This course will explore those essential tools and techniques on project practitioner’s perspective, in particular the soft and hard skills in different phases of the Project Development Cycle, which are being ignored or not functioning properly in most critical projects of various industries, such as construction, Information Technology, sales and services etc. It will highlight the most common and effective means to overcome the difficulties on running projects and the ways to put it on track. The course comprises theories, case studies, exercise and experience sharing that would certainly help Managers and Engineers to polish and improve their project management know-how and techniques in tackling day-to-day problems.


Incumbent Project Managers, project Engineers, Project Team Members, project office supporters and those involved in project works, who want to enhance and refresh their knowledge and skills.

Potential or new Project Managers, who haven’t formal training and much experience in project management but need to embark on the career immediately, such as those in the construction and I.T. industries. Goods and services undertakers for construction, manufacturing and production, healthcare service, creative services, environmental protection, who want to understand the project process of their clients and customers in the supply chain management. Students and fresh graduates who want to take up career in project management. Persons are interested in project management methodologies and implementation techniques that can help them in their daily job assignment and business running with PM models.

Module1: Project Initiation, Design and Planning
Module 2: Project Performance, Monitoring and Control
Module 3: Contract and Quality Management, Project End Review & Leadership



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