Executive Diploma in Big Data, Data Analytics & AI

Executive Diploma in Big Data, Data Analytics & AI


In the era of Big Data and Data Analytics, companies hold more data and information about their business environments than ever before. Increasingly, these companies are recognising the role of data science in leveraging current and historical data and out-thinking competitors. As a result, there is a growing demand for executives who have advanced Big Data, Data Analytics and AI skills and the ability to make informed decisions that drive organisational success. This course will explore those essential tools and techniques on Big Data & Data Analytics. Advanced topics like Machine Learning and AI will be introduced as well. The course comprises theories, case studies, exercise and experience sharing that would certainly help executives and employees to polish and improve their Big Data Analytics skills in ever changing business world. Students can also learn the latest Big Data and Data Analytics tools like: Python, Power BI, Azure AI and AWS AI cloud technologies etc.

Designed for

  • Executives and staff who will deal with data and information.
  • Those who want to take up career in Big Data, Data Analytics and AI.
  • All others who are interested in Big Data, Data Analytics & AI methodologies and implementation techniques that can help them in their daily business.

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Module 1: Big Data & Data Analytics

  1. Introduction to Big Data
  2. Introduction to Data Analytics
  3. Application of Big Data and Data Analytics in Business
  4. Big Data as Digital Asset
  5. Data analytics in actions

Module 2: Data Driven Story Telling & Reporting

  1. Introduction to Data Driven Story Telling
  2. Preparation of Quality Data
  3. Extract, Load and Transform
  4. Descriptive Analytics on Datasets
  5. Reporting and Dashboards

Module 3: Machine Learning and AI 機械學習及人工智能

  1. Predictive Analytics in action
  2. Machine Learning and AI Models
  3. AI in actions
  4. Project and Case Studies


Mr Patrick Tsoi
Currently a Doctor of Education candidate in Hong Kong Baptist University, Mr Tsoi has 20+years in the IT training field. Patrick’s work includes complex projects applying data science, and software development to different aspect of value chains as well as participating with research teams, on field such as Finance, Data Science and Quantitative Analysis. He has extensive experience in designing and building big data solutions and enterprise applications. He is now the CEO and Chief Data Scientist of Sunon Technology HK Limited.

Mr Isaac Cheng
Mr Cheng obtained his Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Public Administration and Policy Studies from City University of Hong Kong. He was an experienced financial technical and risk analyst in an international finance company. He has over 10 years’ experience in data analytics focusing on financial system, technology, and end to end trading system for various global trading firms and large financial institutions. He is currently the lead Data Science Trainer of Sunon Technology HK Limited.

Language Medium

The programme will be delivered in Cantonese and the course material will be in English.

Satisfactory Completion of a Module

A minimum of 4 out of 5 sessions is required for satisfactory completion of a module. Students must obtain at least 50% of the assessment result in each module.


A student who has satizfied all the requirments and completing all three modules will be awarded the Executive Diploma in Big Data, Data Analytics & AI.


Tuition Fees

本會會員: HK$9,600

非會員: HK$10,200

早鳥優惠:開課前二星期成功報名及付款可減$600 (詳情請看報名表)




Students who have successfully completed: Executive Certificate in Big Data & Data Analytics, EC-40619 (HKMA)can apply for exemption for Module 1 of this diploma and directly proceed to Module 2 and 3.

Fee for Module 2 & 3
HKMA Member: HK$6,200
Non-member: HK$6,600
Exemption Fee: HK$250 for module 1 (non-refundable)
Group Discount: HK$200 each
(For two or more participants making payments on this course together)

Application Procedure

A completed application form, together with copies of testimonials such as academic certificate and transcripts, must be submitted to the Customer Service Department before the course commencement date. Applications will not be accepted after the course has commenced.


Course Details

Ms Shirley Chan
Phone: 2774 8569
Email: details.cdp@hkma.org.hk

General Enquiry / Course Enrolment / Membership Information

Phone: 2774 8500 or 2774 8501 / Ivy Ng 3468 6023 / Shino Choi 3468 6024 / Windy Ng 3468 6025
Email: hkma@hkma.org.hk / enrol@hkma.org.hk
Fax: 2365 1000

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