Project Results with Resources: Delivering Value & ROI

Project Results with Resources: Delivering Value & ROI


More experienced project managers are expected to understand the business value of their projects; not merely the deliverables they are tasked to produce. This course discusses methodologies that may be adopted to propose and test the ROI of project outcomes.

With this training, you will be able to convey to senior stakeholders and clients, board members, C-level executives and key decision-makers the true value of the projects, programmes and initiatives you run.


This course is for you if you are ready to:

  • Run projects where you can see and explain the big picture to major stakehliders
  • Gain the 360 of your projects through clear understanding of the ROI of business outcomes;
  • Communicate effectively with top management in the language of business impact and dlilars;
  • Transform your relationship with board members, C-level executives and clients through expressing your
    projects and programmes from a business perspective, and
  • Reinforce the confidence of your clients by having the numbers backed up by the facts.


We focus on simple, easy to understand methods, so you don’t need a financial background to accurately and logically calculate the ROI of your activities and report your results credibly, and the course is exercise driven so you can experience the skills you’ll need to use the methodology effectively. By the end of this introductory course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of calculating ROI
  • Appreciate the importance of ROI and be able to explain it to other senior management and executives;
  • See how an effective ROI Impact Study is conducted, and how to initiate and support one;
  • View your projects, programmes and initiatives from an ROI perspective, and
  • Make the case for measuring ROI in non-capitalised investments.


A True Definition of Value What is value? Why measure ROI? What is suitable for ROI measurement? ROI myths.
Six Types of Measurement Data we need to identify, collect, collate and process to measure value.
Methods and Methodologies Methodologies that can be used. How and where to collect data. ROI and BCR calculations. Establishing reasons for the study. Examination of selected case studies.
Planning Your Evaluation Five essential evaluation steps. Setting your reaction, learning, application and impact objectives. Introducing and using the “V” Model and other tools.
Conducting your ROI Impact Study Valid data collection methods. Data sources and factors to consider. Obtaining meaningful information from collected data.
Implementation Strategies & ROI Best Practices Data isolation techniques. Ensuring the credibility of estimates. Establishing the source of improvements.
Getting to the Numbers Data integrity and credibility. Concluding your ROI and BCR figures. Defining and establishing intangibles. Reporting ROI to stakeholders.
Summary and Discussion Where and how to get ROI started in your organization.

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