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Edward de Bono's Programmes -Simplicity™

Edward de Bono's Programmes -Simplicity™


Simplicity™ is a course created by Edward de Bono which is invaluable to companies looking to uncomplicate their business processes and thus, their lives. Simplicity™ teaches people to end habits that are no longer necessary, stop duplication of tasks, and challenge every aspect of business so that they can perform at a higher level in all areas.

If your organisation is looking for ways to streamline products and processes, thereby becoming more effective, efficient and user-friendly, this programme will help you accomplish these goals.

This programme is suitable for executives, managers and leaders involved in decision making and anyone who believes in SIMPLICITY™ as a key value for product, process or plan.


In Simplicity™, you will learn how to institute creative techniques like:

  1. Shedding
    • Historical Review
    • Combine
    • Shift and Delegate
    • Challenge
    • Value Shedding
  2. Replacing
    • Wishful Thinking
    • Provocative Amputation
    • Bulk and Exception
    • Modules and Small Units
  3. Restructuring
    • Rearrange Existing Parts
  4. Broad and Narrow View
    • General Flavour
    • Ladder
  5. Dangers of Simplicity
  6. Rules of Simplicity

Information at a Glance

Commencement Date:

March 26, 2020

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Course Details

Ms Diana Li
Phone: 2774 8552

General Enquiry / Course Enrolment / Membership Information

Phone: 2774 8500 or 2774 8501
Fax: 2365 1000

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