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Edward de Bono's Programmes -SimplicityTM

Edward de Bono's Programmes -SimplicityTM


SimplicityTM is a course created by Edward de Bono which is invaluable to companies looking to uncomplicate their business processes and thus, their lives. SimplicityTM teaches people to end habits that are no longer necessary, stop duplication of tasks, and challenge every aspect of business so that they can perform at a higher level in all areas.

If your organisation is looking for ways to streamline products and processes, thereby becoming more effective, efficient and user-friendly, this programme will help you accomplish these goals.

This programme is suitable for executives, managers and leaders involved in decision making and anyone who believes in SIMPLICITYTM as a key value for product, process or plan.

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Commencement Date:

September 23, 2020

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Course Details

Ms Diana Li
Phone: 2774 8552

General Enquiry / Course Enrolment / Membership Information

Phone: 2774 8500 or 2774 8501
Fax: 2365 1000