Executive Certificate Course on Digital Content Marketing

Executive Certificate Course on Digital Content Marketing


Social media has changed the world — why is your marketing still the same? It’s everywhere you look; everyone from teenagers to grandmothers are tweeting, sharing photos on Instagram, and updating statuses on Facebook. It’s changed how people connect with one another, and that means old marketing tactics aren’t as effective as they once were. It is easy to think that a great product or service will sell itself, but it’s rarely the case. Marketers have to utilize different types of content to tell a story, increase engagement around the content, and then repurpose it for different channels to maximize visibility. Content marketing is no longer a trend; it’s an important part of digital marketing that is here to stay. In this mobile era, digital channel plays a crucial role in marketing. How can your promotional message stand out in the “e-ocean”? How can you engage your fans and turn into business?

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28 October, 2019

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