Design Thinking & Innovation: A New Perspective

Design Thinking & Innovation: A New Perspective


Design Thinking is a process that creates strategies and opportunities for companies to become more agile and innovative by taking a different, more holistic approach. It helps organizations cut through complexity and understand products and services the way customers do.

This workshop blends Design and Innovative Thinking into DESINO THINKING. It uniquely combines selected elements of creativity, innovation, marketing, problem restructure and essential thinking into one uniquely powerful, comprehensive workshop.

  • Understand design thinking and the types of problems it helps solve
  • Develop a mindset which seeks to understand problems from the user’s perspective
  • Learn how to reframe problems and situations based on the synthesis of perspectives
  • Employ essential thinking in order to reframe and understand issues
  • Apply ideation – rapid generation and refinement of concepts for solutions

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5 December, 2019

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