Unlocking Your Immunity to Change

Unlocking Your Immunity to Change


Have you ever wondered why

  • Senior leaders understand the benefi ts of the organisation’s new strategic direction and commit to act in line with the new strategy but several months later, very little on their part has changed?
  • Managers hold back from giving tough feedback that will be helpful for the development of their staff ?
  • Employees hesitate to take on new assignments that will be good for their professional and personal growth?

Business demands that we must change more frequently than ever before and yet we still struggle to understand what is involved in personal change. Successful organisations require people who welcome and see change as an opportunity.

We need an innovative and impactful approach to change that works. Unlocking Your Immunity to Change is a program designed to help individuals and teams uncover and challenge the assumptions that have stopped them from making progress on important goals. It is based on the work, Immunity to Change, by Harvard Professors, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey and is a highly engaging and interactive experience for anyone who wants to understand what works in making personal change in an organisation and in their lives.

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10 September, 2019

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10 October, 2019

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