Seminar on Selling Skills that Sell

Seminar on Selling Skills that Sell


High-performance salespeople achieve results not by ‘hard selling’ to customers. Research in effective selling suggests that customers expect salespeople to have the product knowledge and, very importantly, to be a resource for customers. Effective selling is no longer transaction based, but rather, it is relationship based. The selling skills we learned in the past remain important and fundamental to success, but what distinguishes high performers from mediocre performers is the way we involve the customers throughout the selling process – from opening sales calls, identifying customers needs and hot buttons, creating and presenting options, to handling objections and closing the sales. The skills involved cannot be underestimated. Customers buy from the company through you; how you relate, communicate, present yourself, your professionalism, commitment and passion all count! Remember, customers always have options.

This programme is designed to help salespeople acquire effective selling skills and techniques to achieve better results

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