Emotion and Dialogue Leadership - "How to Speak so People Listen and How to Listen so People Speak"

Emotion and Dialogue Leadership - "How to Speak so People Listen and How to Listen so People Speak"



  • Learn the difference between communication & dialogue and when and where to use each
  • Learn the pieces of the dialogue puzzle to prepare better
  • Learn the elements of successful dialogue, the attributes of good dialogists and the 8 steps to fill your dialogues with valuable insights, ideas & wisdom
  • Learn how motivational dialect affects your ability to connect with others and how dialect changes as conflict escalates

Date & Time

Wednesday, 6 October 2021
9:00 am – 5:00 pm


The Hong Kong Management Association,
14/F Fairmont House,
8 Cotton Tree Drive,
Hong Kong

Workshop Outline

  • Pre-work assessment
  • Introduction – Dialogue Gap, Digital Tipping Point, Optimal Outcomes, Dialogue Puzzle, Stakeholders, Issues, Way, Time, Space
  • Dialogue Gap – what are the areas we can improve, when are we communicating instead of using dialogue, what is life like in this organisation beyond the digital tipping point
  • Right Outcomes – what would optimal outcomes look like?
  • Right People – who is involved and how do we engage them?
  • Right Issues – Challenge Mapping, prioritisation, mind mapping
  • Right Way – The Dialogue Box
    – Prepare – people, process, content
    – Engage/Observe/Listen – individual dialogue assessment, facial expressions, dialect work as required
    – Open & Fill – Ma-Ma, Challenge Mapping
    – Close & Act – action planning
  • Right Time & Space
  • Motivations explained
  • Stress and conflict de-escalation
  • Application to live situations
  • Action Planning
  • Application of enhanced dialogue
    – Strategy for coming year, Priority Account Strategy, Innovation to improve service, save costs, improve operations, grow market etc.
  • Action Planning
    – Brainstorm of ways forward, agreement of what should be done, clarification of who will do what, agreement of next steps
  • Summary, evaluation, close

Workshop Leader

Peter Nixon specialises in negotiation with an emphasis on dialogue and development. He is an international speaker, trainer and adviser to companies, governments, NGO’s and families around the world. Peter is author of bestselling books Dialogue Gap (SCMP “one of the best business titles published this century”), Negotiation, Mastering Business in Asia, The Business Developer’s Playbook and creator of NegotiatorCPA¬© (web app). He created the Dialogue Leadership Institute to connect internal and freelance users of Potential’s tools, books, apps & methodologies.

Peter has collected various academic recognitions from Bishop’s, McGill, Alberta, Leicester, Harvard and INSEAD. He is now a showcase speaker for leading universities and management institutes around the world and he has appeared on TEDx, CNBC, Discovery Channel, TV5, TVB, Media Corp.

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