Collaborative Win-Win Negotiation Skills - Towards a Workable Solution

Collaborative Win-Win Negotiation Skills - Towards a Workable Solution


Negotiation is a skill we particularly need in the workplace as there are many priorities and people’s needs are different. Negotiation doesn’t have to end up in a win-lose situation. The old way of negotiation whereby each side takes a position and the most manipulative wins is no longer seen as effective. A more proactive, interest-driven, collaborative model of negotiation tends to achieve better results with both parties being happier and therefore adhering to the terms negotiated. Understanding the negotiation process and having the ability to communicate effectively with active listening skills is constructive to moving the negotiation process to a satisfactory outcome to which both sides can commit.

This workshop is designed to help participants understand the negotiation process, the skills, strategies and tactics involved in delivering a mutually beneficial outcome that is based on mutual interests.

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