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Team Leadership Competencies - How to Motivate and Get the Best out of People

Team Leadership Competencies - How to Motivate and Get the Best out of People


Most people go to work with the view to contribute to the workplace. The drive to work comes from within their hearts and souls. The role of a leader is to create a positive and supportive environment to help people succeed and to draw the best out of them. Apart from addressing external barriers that cause demotivation, understanding what people want for themselves and what they are willing to give to obtain what they want is fundamental.

The 21st Century leaders must respond to new generations of workers, (often referred to as generations X, Y, Z) and a changed social environment that rates receiving timely information, communication and involvement as important. A top-down, “I am the boss” approach no longer works. The leader achieves more by being encouraging and be the coach instead of be a boss. The employees want respect.

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