How to Manage in order to Lead Effectively

How to Manage in order to Lead Effectively


Leadership is transforming vision into reality. Leading is about motivating, directing, evaluating, coaching and providing guidance to team members in addition to innovating, making changes and creating value for the organisation. Managing is about employing various processes, tools, methods and skills, working with and through people to achieve results despite adversity as resources are limited. Thus management skills are crucial in leadership.

Managers are not leaders, but leaders who do not possess the necessary management skills would have difficulty in being effective and successful leaders given that organisations are increasingly flatter in structure, more technology-oriented, and knowledge-based. Not losing sight of the vision and keeping implementation on track are critical to transforming vision into reality, thus demonstrating the importance of management skills.

All work is a process. All processes can be measured. And it is true that “what gets measured gets done” and one of the basic principles of management is that one needs to control the parts in order to control the whole. Profits don’t somehow appear at the end of the year. In fact, it is the timely short-interval reviews, control, including taking necessary actions to address variances against the plan which help move towards attaining the intended results. Therefore it is imperative that all organisations have adequate management systems and processes to enable all management levels to manage effectively.

This programme is designed to demonstrate the necessity and importance of management techniques and leadership skills in organisations.

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