Team Leadership Competencies - Coaching Skills for Effective Leadership

Team Leadership Competencies - Coaching Skills for Effective Leadership


Coaching is an effective leadership tool. The role of a manager or leader is to direct, monitor and coach team members to perform to the standards and expectations required. The approach to coaching will depend on the development level of team members. Development is not defined in terms of seniority and years in the organization but in terms of the level of exposure, experience and ability. We each have different capability, aspiration and learning potential. Different strokes for different folks and thus the purpose and styles of coaching will be different.

For simplicity, high, medium and low are used to indicate levels of performance and capability. High performers, the ‘superstars’, who always perform way above the standards should be mentored to develop new skills, and be challenged to take greater responsibility. Medium performers, the ‘twinkling’ stars, can be coached to reach their potential. Low performers, the ‘dim-lit stars’, whose performance are often below standards, should be coached, supported and counselled with the view to helping them succeed so that they can sparkle and eventually reach their potential.

It is the manager’s responsibility to build talent and expand organisation capabilities. Both coaching and mentoring are key skills required of every manager to do just that.

This workshop deals with the skills, techniques and intricacies of coaching in leading team members at different performance levels and help each and every one succeed.

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