Peter F. Drucker Academy Workshops - From Personal Effectiveness to Mission-Driven Leadership

Peter F. Drucker Academy Workshops - From Personal Effectiveness to Mission-Driven Leadership


Peter F. Drucker was hailed as the “Father of Modern Management”, because he didn’t only introduce the concept of modern management; he was also the first one to turn “Management” into a discipline at University. Drucker was also a pioneering thinker, who predicted that computing technology would change both the world and business operation in 50s; On the other hand, he foresaw the rise of industrial Japan in 1961, and the fall of Japan’s Economy in the 80s. Drucker believed that a company could attain success only if it took social responsibility, as well as created values for clients, thus the profit would be produced as by-product after satisfying customers.

The Institute of Advanced Management Development of The Hong Kong Management Association works together with the Peter F. Drucker Academy to launch a series of programmes on Leadership and Motivation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well as Strategic Thinking.


This workshop aims to

  • enhance management effectiveness through practical time management, focus on contribution, decision-making and human resources arrangement
  • empower “ordinary” people to achieve extraordinary results;and
  • manage resistance to change through influence and persuasion, and enhance leadership style and self-awareness in leading roles.


  • Executive’s Personal Effectiveness Development
  • Leadership and Motivation for New Generations

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Due to current COVID-19 situation, the mode of instruction might be changed from face-to-face to online teaching if necessary in the event that face-to-face classes cannot be held. The Association will contact the students concerned with details of such arrangements as necessary.



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