Surviving Changes in a Post Pandemic World

Surviving Changes in a Post Pandemic World


We are living in unprecedented times. The world we knew so well has been drastically changed by the outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives – our lifestyles, our livelihoods, even threaten our existence and survival. Never before have we been subjected to the feelings of adverse fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. The good news is, our human brain is dynamic and built to withstand extreme conditions. We can manage the phases of change if we understand how to engage practical strategies to regulate our body and mind. Conducted by Eric Cheong, an accredited Master Trainer by the late Prof Tony Buzan, he will help to change your thinking and enhance your ability to transform yourself in the post-pandemic world.

Oct 16
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19:00 - 20:00

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November 21, 2020

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