Executive Certificate in NoSQL Database for Business

Executive Certificate in NoSQL Database for Business


With the fast development of Big Data in the business environment. Our traditional database system such as a relational database cannot cope with the growth of Big data issues. NoSQL databases become the new trend as the basic data infrastructure to implement Big data applications in our business environment. We must know the capacities and utilization methods of the NoSQL technologies in business operations to enhance our business function. Different types of NoSQL databases will be covered in this course and provide the participants with the necessary knowledge in theories and practices. Use cases on the NoSQL database on the Business application will be explained. Practical exercises on the NoSQL database will be included in the course.

Date & Time

Wednesday & Thursday
9, 10, 16,17,23,24 Feb & 3 Mar 2022
19:00 to 22:00


The Hong Kong Management Association,
14/F Fairmont House
8 Cotton Tree Drive
Central, Hong Kong

Medium of Instruction

The programme will be delivered in Cantonese, and the course material will be in English.


  1. What is a relational database (RDBMS) and NoSQL database
    • Explain what is the Relational database and NoSQL database
    • The difference between RDBMS and NoSQL database
    • Introduction of SQL in relational database operation using MySQL
  2. Why NoSQL database is suitable for Big Data implementation
    • Explain why NoSQL is more suitable for Big Data
    • Explain different types of NoSQL databases
  3. Introduction to NoSQL database – Document Database using MongoDB
    • Explain what is a document database
    • Installation of the MongoDB
    • How to create, insert, update & delete the document in MongoDB using shell command
    • How to use Mongo compass to do database operation
    • Explain what is Mongo Atlas
    • Show how to connect the document database using Python
  4. Introduction to NoSQL database – Timeseries Database using Influx
    • Explain what is Time-series database
    • Installation of the Influx
    • How to create, insert, update & delete records in Influx using shell command
  5. Introduction to NoSQL database – Graph Database using Neo4j
    • Explain what is a graph database
    • Installation of the Neo4j
    • How to create, insert, update & delete records using shell command
    • How to use Neo4j desktop to do database operation
    • Show how to connect the document database using Python
  6. Introduction to Hadoop system and its tools
    • Explain Hadoop system in Big Data platform
    • Explain Map & Reduce process in Hadoop system
    • Introduce the tools in Hadoop system, such as Apache Pig, Apache Hive & Apache spark
    • How can we install a single node Hadoop system in our laptop or desktop workstation?

Programme Leader

Dr. Garry Luk
Dr. Garry Luk is a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) of the British Computer Society. His major research interest is in Business system analysis and design, Big data implementation and application, Information management technology. He has been working in the higher education sector for more than 20 years for teaching and research support.
Moreover, Dr. Luk has also as a part-time lecturer since 2004 for the Vocational training council, School of Continuing Education Hong Kong Baptist University, and Hong Kong University of Professional and Continuing Education on E-commerce, Business information system, System Analysis & Design, Big Data, and AI.

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