Executive Certificate in Green Finance and ESG

Executive Certificate in Green Finance and ESG


Sustainability focuses on meeting our own needs, without compromising the ability of future
generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability does not only equate to environmentalism,
but considers the economy and society as well.

Sustainable finance is the adoption of this principle, and uses capital markets investment vehicles
as a solution. This can be in the form of any financial services that integrate environmental, social
and governance (ESG) criteria into business or investment decisions.

Several analyses show that an additional 1.5 to 2 trillion dollars is going to be needed per year
from public and private sources for the transition to a low carbon resilient world that we need
to be in. As the 2050 goal to become carbon neutral draws nearer, investors in the public and
private sector are taking a deeper interest in the development and importance of Sustainable
Finance. Corporates have started to incorporate sustainable reporting into their regulations and
disclosure, and have taken active steps to transition into a circular economy.

Indicative Topics

  1. ESG Market and Developing Trends
  2. Global Risks and Sustainable Development
  3. Business and Climate Action
  4. Circular Economy
  5. Supply Chain

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