Workshop on Intermediate Excel of AI Function and Data Automation

Workshop on Intermediate Excel of AI Function and Data Automation


A large percentage of business users are preparing regular reports for operation or management. The processes repeat indefinitely and are mainly manual ones. People who are thinking about automation may have no idea of how to automate data preparation and reporting. People tend to relate automation with programming, but few people know that Excel can actually enable automation with the following features:

  • No VBA programming/macro recording is required
  • No need to use any Excel formula function such as VLOOKUP or SUMIFS
  • No need to copy and paste data
  • No add-in Software is required to install
  • Only pure Excel is required. No need to invest hugely in Robotics Process Automation (RPA) software


Upon completion of this workshop, participants are expected to:

  • Get data and reports automated with less-known Excel techniques
  • Get hands on practice on data cleansing, data transformation, file consolidation with automation using popular business use cases
  • Learn advanced pivot table techniques for quick management reporting
  • Learn AI functions of Excel which can be 1000+ times faster than a manual process

Jun 01
How to Automate Management Reports with No Software Investment?
19:00 - 20:00

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