Data Protection Law and Practice

Data Protection Law and Practice


In the past couple of years, with the introduction of EU’s GDPR, PRC’s PIPL and HK’s amended PDPO, data protection law in Hong Kong has changed substantially. Many businesses are now in the course of developing their own privacy management and compliance programmes, and are facing new legal issues.

In this workshop, we will be going “back to basics” and provide you with an overview of the major privacy regimes, such as, PDPO, GDPR and PIPL, that will be relevant to business practice in Hong Kong. We will also be gearing you with some practical tools, such as, what to look out for in data risk impact assessment (DRIA), what to consider when designing a data breach response plan, and how to perfect a privacy notice (PN).

We will also examine some practical data protection issues that relate to employees in workplace and customer issues. Apart from the above, we will also examine data protection in the context of licensing and regulatory industries, such as, banking, finance, medical practice, insurance, and employment agency.

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