Project Management: Launchpad Plus

Project Management: Launchpad Plus


This course contains everything in the Launchpad class plus with a third day the participants get the opportunity to plan and run a project to deliver a solid deliverable that will be demonstrated at the end of the day. The third day solidifies the learning of the attendees and bonds the attendees into a motivated, enthusiastic team.

By the end of this course, you will have the experience to think quickly, build momentum and often exceed the expectations of senior management and stakeholders.


If you are new to managing and leading projects or you are a member of a project team, then this course is for you. It is a practical three-day course covering the essential aspects you need to know to initiate a project, plan correctly and execute effectively to produce on-time and on-budget delivery to the satisfaction of your senior management or customers.


The first two days of our Project Management Launchpad course gives you all the skills that you and your team need to get cracking together on projects back at work. But on the third day you’ll plan, run a project to produce a real deliverable, so you’ll have actual hands-on experience too.


Introduction and Course Positioning Round-table introduction Course plan and discussion of any special requirements.
Project Lifecycles, Methods & Methodologies The lifecycle of a project, and how to plan and run it. Methods such as Waterfall, Critical Path & Chain, Agile and Scrum are explained.
Organizational Structures & Support How your organization can help or hinder your ability to manage a project. How to traverse the structure.
Understanding Your Stakeholders Who are your stakeholders? How to map them, plan for them and handle and balance stakeholder interests.
Initiating Your Project Fixing the project objectives and the mechanism that starts any project.
Planning Scope, Cost and Time 1 Planning the project to manage scope, cost, time, risk, quality and other vital measures. Cost & time estimation, tools to analyze project work.
Planning Scope, Cost and Time 2 Analysis of dependencies and the production of a project schedule
Managing Project Risks What is risk? Qualitative & quantitative analysis, risk matrices, registers, mitigation and contingency
Communications & Leadership How to lead and motivate your project team, the group and other stakeholders.
Running Your Project Running and managing your projects, and handling changes, risk triggers Stakeholder requirements and other issues Re-planning and re-baselining.
Q&A and Close Discussion and Q&A
Preparation and Briefing The class is introduced to today’s project which is to produce a real, tangible deliverable.
Presentation and Analysis Teams present their deliverables to the class. Discussions on how the project went through the day.
Q&A and Close Discussion and Q&A

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