Seminar on How to Work With Your Bosses, Peers and Subordinates

Seminar on How to Work With Your Bosses, Peers and Subordinates


The company and our bosses expect us to create value and contribute to organisation growth and success. We are expected to perform and deliver the intended results. Hence, having the ability to work collaboratively with all levels of people including our bosses, peers and subordinates is critical, particularly when knowledge and competencies are increasingly more specialised. To work effectively requires us to be able to handle issues, be flexible, match our working styles and cope with people at all levels.

Often, people are able to handle the technical aspect of the job, but it is the lack of planning and foresight on possible people-pitfalls that trap them and prevent them from delivering their work as expected. This program provides clues, tactics and tips for how we can work with the people around us to help us succeed and thereby please our bosses, peers and subordinates.

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