Service Excellence™ for Frontline Service Providers and Supervisors

Service Excellence™ for Frontline Service Providers and Supervisors


Service requirements and standards must be clear so that frontline service providers (supervisors and staff ) can perform to expectations. The soft skills and techniques needed to impress the customers are not innate skills, i.e. they are not something we are born with, but skills we can learn if taught.

Frontline service providers are expected to be knowledgeable, able to communicate, will take proactive action to resolve customers’ problems, handle complaints, and to provide service in such a manner that customers want to come back again and again because dealing with the company is so easy, simple, convenient and effective.

This programme is intended to equip frontline service providers and supervisors with the right mindset and skills in providing excellent service despite encountering some difficult customers.

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November 10, 2020

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