Workshop on ESG and Green Finance for Leadership - Why, What, How

Workshop on ESG and Green Finance for Leadership - Why, What, How


The pandemic has highlighted the urgency to combat climate change and has brought sustainability to the forefront for individuals, companies and organizations alike. As sustainability begins to move from marketing to mainstream, C-suites must also move the agenda of a sustainable business from sidelines to center stage. Sustainable Finance has huge repercussions in today’s society, thus C-suite management has an absolute need to have a certain degree of knowledge in this regard. The intent of this workshop is to enhance the participants’ knowledge of sustainability, which helps them to promote the agenda forward.


1. Importance of ESG

  • Key Considerations for Companies and Investors
  • Why ESG Matters for Sustainability
  • The Rise of Sustainability
  • Recognize Current and Developing ESG Issues, Trends and Themes

2. Employer Brand and Trust Building

  • Sustainability (ESG) as a Tool for Innovation and Effectiveness
  • Useful Tools and Concept to Make the Business Case of Sustainability (ESG)
  • Concept of Green Marketing
  • Materiality Assessment and Effective Stakeholder Engagement: How to Best Utilize Manpower and Resources

3. Managing Risks, Profit and Purpose

  • How ESG can Manage Risks and Create Opportunities for Investors
  • Correlation between Sustainability and Financial Performance: The Return on Sustainability (RoS) Framework
  • Risks of Sustainability Investments and How it Affects Your Company

4. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

  • Sustainability (ESG) Ratings: How to Read Them and How to Use Them
  • Maximizing Transparency and Credibility: Sustainability Reporting and Assurance
  • Examples of Sustainability Reports and How it can be Used to Increase Credibility and Transparency

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