Project Results with People: Negotiating Professionally

Project Results with People: Negotiating Professionally


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Negotiations occur surprisingly often in a business environment, and cases range from negotiation for resources from colleagues to dealing with vendors and suppliers. This course focuses on learning and practicing negotiation tools and techniques to improve performance and outcomes.

By the end of the course, attendees will be able to prepare and head into a negotiation with confidence of obtaining the best possible outcome.


This course is aimed at company staff, executives and managers and offers the knowledge and skill-sets we need to become a successful, ethical negotiator. The classroom portion of this course is a two-day combination of lectures, discussions and team exercises where attendees will learn negotiation tools, techniques and strategies, and experience them through practice as individuals and teams.


This course is presented in a blended learning format. Approximately 1 week prior to the course a kick-off teleconference call will introduce the main course agenda and assign attendees with a pre-work assignment ready for the course. This is followed by a two-day intensive classroom workshop where all the principal skills are taught and practiced. After the course, attendees will return to their workplaces where they will be able to use their skills in real-life situations. A few weeks later, a final teleconference call will be held for attendees to provide feedback on their experiences and to clear up any questions they may have.

The two-day classroom will cover these main subject areas. Apart from the two main exercises listed, the course is interspersed with shorter exercises and presentations intended to endorse and embed the skills and knowledge taught. Please note that although every subject will be presented, the course instructor may decide to modify, or emphasize some topics to match the skill levels and expectations of the course attendees.


DAY 1 Introduction – What is negotiation anyway?
Exercise – Ace and King
Types of Negotiation – Win-Win Negotiating
Features and Attributes of a Good Negotiator
Negotiation and Arbitration, Litigation and Mediation
Personalities, Negotiation Styles and Tactics
DAY 2 Active Listening, Timing and Building Rapport
Scope, Spiralling and Re-Expression
Working Together as a Team
Exercise – Group Negotiation for Resources
Handling Stalled Negotiations
The Impact of Cultural Issues when Negotiating
Summary, Q&A and Close

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